Niantic Tech NTVR-G04E

Virtual Reality Headset with Stereo Headphones

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Full stereo sound integrated into the headset offers awesome sound for a truly immersive experience

108-degree field of vision for the best immersive visual experience

For those times when you just cannot pull yourself away from the VR experience

Works with all iOS mobile devices with a screen size up to 6.5″

Works with all Android mobile devices with a screen size up to 6.5″

Works with all Windows mobile devices with a screen size up to 6.5″

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Quick Guide

QUICK ADJUSTMENT STRAPS Designed for easy one handed adjustment. For best results, loosen all straps prior to placing on your head, adjust the top strap first by centering the back pad on the back of your head, centering the top strap over the top of head and securing to fit snugly and comfortably. Side straps should be over the ears and adjusted to fit snugly and comfortably.

PUPIL DISTANCE CONTROLS This control adjust the distance between the lens, adjust until the lens are set directly in front of your eyes.

DUAL OPTIC DISTANCE CONTROLS These controls adjust the distance between the optics and your eyes. The independent adjustment helps those with larger glasses or for people who find it more comfortable to not wear glass with the VR Headset and to bring each eye into focus. independently.

HEADPHONE CONTROL Each headphone can be moved up or down and in and out for the most comfortable fit over the ears.

MAGNETIC FACE PLATE This front cover can be removed to expose the camera of the smart phone and increases air flow, for longer use and reduce phone overheating.

MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTONS These buttons control volume up, down, play and pause. The center button can also be used to answer calls.

TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL This button simulates a screen tap and is used in many games as the action button.


HEADPHONE PLUG This 3.5mm Headphone cable is used to plug into the phones headphone jack. Please note if your phone uses a different connector to play audio (lightning or USB) you will need an 3.5mm adapter which should have been included with your phone. Adapters are not included with our headset due to the various manufacture requirements making 3rd party adapters unusable, we always recommend using the manufacture provided adapters to ensure it meets the required specs of your phone.

1. Remove all packaging and lens scratch protectors (one on each side of either lens)
2. Using your iPhone or Andriod phone install/load the VR App you want to play to your device
3. Open the VR Headset cover and plug in the 3.5mm headphone jack to your phone
4. Place your phone securely into the headset (screen facing the wearer) and close the cover
5. Put the Headset on and adjust the straps and lens as needed
6. Enjoy 🙂

What users are saying

  • These are the best VR glasses I’ve bought. I have tested 4 different types and these outweigh the others by far. Packaging is very nice and fits my iPhone very secure. Having a great time with the kids using these!

    Jennifer L. from
  • It is a well-built product for a great price. My household had no issues adjusting it to fit their heads. I would definitely by another one of these as a gift.

    Mike from
  • Awesome headset! Great sound quality super comfortable I would definitely buy one again! This is well worth double what it costs. I’ve had other VR’s and this surpasses all of them.

    Andrew Thorp from



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