Niantic Tech Independent Contractor Information and Agreement

Niantic Tech Independent Contractor Information and Agreement


Niantic Tech is a small veteran-owned online business which sells VR Headset for your iPhone and Android phone.

This is a commission based position and does not constitute employment by Niantic Tech. Each salesperson is considered an independent contractor by law.

There are multiple ways to earn commissions.

In Person Sales (IPS). These are sales that you make in person, a cash only sale, Niantic Tech does not provide a credit card transaction services at this time. Reconciled weekly.

Online Sales (OS). These are sales transaction that occurs online at and associated with a promotion code. Each salesperson is provided a unique code, which the customer uses to gain 10% off the product when they purchase at Reconciled monthly.

Social Media Videos (SMV). We encourage our salespeople to interact with the public before making the sale by having potential customers to use the headset. First-time users of VR are fun to watch and record. Sharing the videos is a great promotion tool for our company. We encourage salespeople to record the interaction and turn in the videos regularly. If your video is chosen and posted on our social media properties, the sale person will earn a commission.  Videos obtained by salespersons and posted strictly to our website and subpages are not eligible for commission. Reconciled weekly.

Other Opportunities. Niantic Tech may set sales challenges which would result in additional commission if a specific goal is achieved. Reconciled at the end of the challenge period.


Commission schedule:

  • In Person Sales:
    • Each headset is sold for $35 and pays out $10.00
  • Online Sales:
    • Each sale on associated with your promo code pays out $5.00
  • Social Media Videos:
    • Each social media video we post on to online properties pays out $2.00
  • Other Opportunities:
    • Commission based on the specific challenge criteria


Niantic Tech will issue each salesperson with one demo unit and five new in box units without a deposit requirement. Due to the nature of our sales model if you want to be issued more than 5 units we require a deposit of $15/per unit. This may be waived on a case by case basis and helps protect Niantic Tech from shrinkage and reduces potential product damage.  Upon termination or completion of the contract, each salesperson is required to return all unsold units in original condition. Failure to return the unsold product in its original condition will result in a forfeiture of all unpaid commissions and will result in the obligation of the salesperson to pay $35/per unit not returned, within 30 days of contract termination.

Niantic Tech provides each salesperson a maximum of $20/month reimbursement for approved marketing material. We encourage but don’t require salespersons to create a business card with their promotional code to handout during demonstrations.

All income over $600 annually is required to be reported to the IRS. All salespeople must fill out an I-9 form upon initial agreement and those that earn more than $600 annually will be issued a 1099-MISC prior to January 31 of the following year for tax purposes and reported to the IRS.

Unauthorized tactics and or cause for termination of agreement and forfeiture of future payouts:

  • Misrepresentation of the Niantic Tech VR Headset. This includes but is not limited to the requirements to use the product.
  • Unethical sales practices or making promises to customers or potential customers beyond that of the actual products performance or capabilities.
  • Behavior while selling or attempting to sell Niantic Tech products which may result in a negative appearance of Niantic Tech or it’s owners, this includes but is not limited to use of alcohol and/or drugs while performing sales.
  • Selling or attempting to sell at an unauthorize locations (i.e. private property or areas restricted to solicitation)
  • Making comments or representations of Niantic Tech to the media


Encouraged tactics:

  • Have FUN, this is an opportunity for you to interact with others and gain sales and marketing experience while being able to earn commission from sales.


Niantic Tech and its owners retain the right to modify these terms at any time. Terms are posted on the Niantic Tech website